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So just to give you a little background. I’m an internet marketer and mostly what I do is promote progams and systems that help people get their product or story out be they coaches, consultants or selling digital products. In the course of this business I come across different products from time to time and that’s what happened when it came to CBD oils.

I came across some CBD products and because of all the trending info on them and mostly positive statements regarding the good health effects of CBD oil I decided to try it out for myself having a neuro muscular condition called CMT and suffering from a degenerative knee that causes me quite a bit of pain. I wasn’t expecting much but I got the surprise of my life after only 3 days of taking CBD Full Spectrum 750. I describe it below in a testimony I wrote for my facebook page and facebook group that I started because of my experience.

My post to the facebook group:

Hey everyone! Want to update you on what’s going on. This is my 3rd day on CBD oil. Taking 750 full spectrum. I’ve had terrible knee pain for months. I work on my computer a lot and sit at a desk. Every time I would get up after an hour or so the pain in my right knee would be excruciating. I’d have to stand and hold on to the desk for a minute before I could walk and then I’d walk like Frankenstein for a minute. My walking is hard enough with CMT but the knee on top of it was really bringing me down. So on my 2nd day of taking it, the pain in my knee went down by about half! I was pretty astounded at that but by this morning after 3 days of taking it the pain is virtually gone! I am literally totally amazed! I’d say I went from and 8 on a pain scale of 1-10 to a .05! It’s still too soon to tell what if anything it’s doing to help with my CMT but I can say that my mood seems to be better. The only way I can describe it is that I feel “smoothed out” for lack of a better term. I’m sleeping more soundly and I can definitely feel a bit more energy. There can’t be any other explanation other than the CBD oil. This stuff is incredible.

3 days and I was virtually pain free!

I got a little excited when I wrote that testimony. But going from a lot of pain to hardly any at all was pretty incredible. The company I bought from was Hempworx. I started out with the Full Spectrum 750 CBD Oil. I was pretty lucky in that I found a great company right off the bat as you need to be a bit careful out there with all the companies and their claims. There are different kinds of CBD oil and you need to find the right one and dosage for yourself.

Being a marketer I also saw the huge opportunity in the next few years to promote and sell CBD products. The predictions on the growth of this market are pretty incredible. Forbes predicts it to reach $20 billion by 2024. And that’s why I decided to make it another one of my income streams.

I started marketing Hempworx through MyDailyChoice, another one of my discoveries. Can’t say enough about this company. If you don’t know much about marketing they have every tool and teaching you can imagine. Facebook groups with courses and the full deal. And MyDailyChoice if free!

Author: Jimmy Slattery

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